Sunday, September 13, 2009

Outbursts 2

Add to this week's list:
Kanye West cutting off Taylor Swift during her acceptance of the "best video" award at MTV's VMA telecast...he jumped in front of her, he grabbed her mic, and said that "beyonce had the best video ever"...even Beyonce, with the camera trained on her face, was shocked.

Rude. Uncalled for.


This week's Boneheaded Outbursts awards go to:

Senator Joe Wilson (Yells "you lie!" to the President during Wednesday night's health care speech); even McCain thought it was disrespectful Postscript: Wilson lines his reelection pockets and signs autographs following apology to Obama

Serena Williams (Profanity penalty earns defending U.S. Open Champion loss at match point)

Bob McDonnell (Virginia gubernatorial candidate drops F-bomb during candidate interview on radio)